Biography and family legacy books

 Every person, every family, has a story – the traditions, values and vision that guide your journey. This is the “glue” that binds families with shared meaning and purpose. 

Preserve your personal or family story with a legacy book that captures the challenges and triumphs, roads taken and not taken, hard decisions, good fortune and pure grit that got you where you are today. 

A legacy book not only honors your own history; it anchors future generations with a sense of pride and family unity in carrying this legacy forward. 

From interviews and research to writing, design and printing, WriteStory will bring your legacy to life in a beautiful book. Because your most valuable gift to your family is not your financial assets. It is your story. 



Title: Hitch Your Wagon to a Star ... And Keep on Climbing

Client: NCH Healthcare System, Naples FL:  

Research / writing / project management: Patricia Winsten

Book design: Adrian Suarez;

Hitch Your Wagon to a Star ... And Keep on Climbing is the first in the NCH Legacy Book series to honor its major donors and inspire other philanthropists. The story traces the life of Audrey Morean Petersen, from her hard-scrabble childhood, to co-founding a fledgling business at the kitchen table, to the boardroom of an international corporation, to the powerful impact of her visionary philanthropy.

LegacyMoreanPetersen (pdf)



Title: A Century of Service

Client: Alliance for Children and Families, Milwaukee WI;

Research, / writing / project management: Patricia Winsten

Book design: Alliance for Children and Families creative services department

Files coming soon.

ORGAnizational legacy book

Title: Together We Are So Much More: A Living History of Catholic Health East

Client: Catholic Health East (now a member of Trinity Health), Newtown Square, PA:

Research / writing / project management: Patricia Winsten

Book design: Jan Quade

Historian: Tom Harvey

Together We Are So Much More honors the legacy of the Catholic Health East founding congregations. It informs today's work and inspires the future. This rich history is told through the insights and recollections of religious and lay leaders, colleagues, volunteers, donors, and the patients, families, and communities that are impacted by their healing ministry.


Client: Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, Milwaukee WI:

Research, writing and project management: Patricia Winsten

Photography: Brian Malloy, Wauwatosa WI

Designer: Hare Strigenz, Milwaukee WI