My writing roots

I've been telling stories since I could talk (to my parents' dismay) and writing since I could grasp a jumbo crayon. By age six, I graduated to a cast-off Smith Corona and created a neighborhood newspaper that sold for a whopping two cents.

Graduate training in psychology and journalism helps me get powerful interviews, ferret out the meaning and emotion behind the data, understand what will move your audience, and write persuasive copy.  

I also have robust research chops and a lively curiosity about how people and things work. There's nothing I enjoy more than sitting over coffee and hearing someone's life story, or walking through a manufacturing floor with a design engineer to understand the value of new equipment. An avid learner, I stay on top of the hot topics and  trends in your industry so I can jump right into your projects, think like your audience and write in your voice.

I'm a voracious reader. You have to read great writing to write well. I also love music and play a bunch of weird instruments. So when I'm writing, I'm paying as much attention to the sound -- the rhythm and tone and texture -- as to the sound bite. If that all adds up to a word nerd, I own it proudly.


A partnership approach

I’m a freelance writer, but I don’t work alone. This is a partnership. In fact, many clients consider me an adjunct team member. When I’m working for you, I’m not just doing a project. I’m as committed as you are to enhancing your brand awareness and reputation, enthralling your audiences, delivering solid results and growing your business.